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How to reach Tirupati Balaji Mandir - All you need to know about

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 How to reach Tirupati Balaji Mandir - All you need to know about

Andhra Pradesh is home to one of India's wealthiest and most revered Hindu pilgrimage sites, the Tirumala Hills shrine of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy. Every month of the year, it attracts tens of thousands of devotees, who flock much more during festival seasons. There is a lot of interest in this shrine, and many people visit it at least once in their lives. Tirupati Balaji temple is accessible to people who have yet to visit. All major Indian cities can readily get to the temple through road, air, and rail. The remaining leg of the voyage must be made by foot, and the specifics are provided below.

public transportation

Tirumala and Tirupati are served by a number of buses. Every two minutes, a bus will arrive to take you to your destination. Tirupati serves as a hub for buses bound for Chennai, Vellore, and Bengaluru. Private buses and paid taxis from Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, and Bangalore can also get you to Tirupati from these cities.
Tirumala does not have its own railhead. There is a 26-mile distance between Tirumala and Tirupati, which necessitates a stop at Tirupati. Tirupati's railway station is enormous. There are five levels to it, and an escalator is also included. There are trains from all of India's major cities that stop at this station.

Tirumala's nearest airport is in Renigunta, 16 kilometres from Tirupati and 39 kilometres from the Lord Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala, the home of Lord Venkateswara himself. Their airport has direct flights to major Indian cities like New Delhi, Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam, and Bengaluru. By the Central Government, Renigunta's airport has been upgraded to international status.

by foot (walk)

Traditional pilgrims prefer to walk the Tirumala Hills to reach the holy sanctuary of Lord Tirupati Balaji because of its hilltop location. Sopanamargas, two stone walkways, were built from the base of the hill to the hilltop shrine in order to achieve this goal. Most people take advantage of the path's 11-kilometer length. Srivari Mettu is another Sopanamarga that begins in Chandragiri and only covers a distance of 6 kilometres.

For the pilgrims' convenience, the shrine officials provide restrooms, security, bathrooms, canteens, and medical services. Pilgrims wishing to ascend the hill on foot may utilise a free luggage transfer service.


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